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ipxe with wireless lan

From what I’ve investigated and understand, all of them will be described in short.

1) Condition
– try to boot via wireless LAN card with ipxe.

2) Possible? & Methods

Now? IMO, it doesn’t operate well…

2-1) BIOS
It mainly doesn’t distinguish PXE boot. (between LAN and Wi-Fi)

2-2) Wireless LAN card (USB-type)
If the wireless land card is USB plugged-in type (i.e. Laptop PC),
main-board should recognized it as a boot-able device.
However, most of people, active in ipxe-society, says it might not be possible in their opinions.

2-3) USB dongle LAN card
In case of wired lan card USB dongle, it all does not verify success. (refer: http://boot.ipxe.org/ipxe.usb)